Engage customers with AI business processes.

Build and collaborate on your process in real-time. Run actions that drive your process from a single interface. Communicate and notify as you cycle through.

Build your existing process into Stubber’s visual drag-and-drop Editor, using low-code tools and global integrations.

For every                              in your process you can customize its functionality from a library of pre-built tasks, such as:

Log to a Google Sheeting

Transcribing audio from audio files

Generating a .pdf

Analyzing documents with AI

AI GPT chat features

Calling API across multiple services

Deploy your workflows built with the Editor confidently with Stubber’s powerful runtime system. Execute processes smoothly and reliably.

Unlock Value, Pay Accordingly

Ideal for Micro-Businesses
to Giant Corporates

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We believe that
process sets you free

Whether it's non-revenue generating tasks or critical business operations, you can employ our AI to optimize and automate for efficiency.

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