A complete business
processing solution

Collaborate on your process in real-time, run actions that drive your process from a single interface, communicate and notify as you cycle through.

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Integrate and automate

Whatsapp: Send message directly from the interface.
Salesforce: Manage customer relations efficiently.
Slack: Collaborate in real-time.
ERP Next: Automate business tasks.
Euphoria: Offer quality voice communication.

Fully functional process flows

Process builder - Editor

Our process editor enables you to map out your process with interconnected states and actions. Build dedicated functionality into each action that can be performed through a Stub.

A centralized processing interface

Process performer - Stub

Stubs are live process instances. Perform any action built in your template through a Stub. From managing orders, assigning tasks to employees, communicating to stakeholders. Stubs allow you to tailor your processes to your business’s unique use cases.

Set your business free with Stubber process management.